The Agoraphobic Traveller. / by Alex Bamford


Jacqui Kenny suffers from agoraphobia, an anxiety disorder which leaves her with an irrational fear of busy, public areas. It was this condition which spurred her photography project, the Agoraphobic Traveller. 

From her flat in London she has created an archive of over 27,000 images, screen grabbed from Google Street View, documenting her virtual travels through rural towns in countries like Chile, Mongolia and Senegal. She's managed to maintain a visual aesthetic by picking countries close to the equator with the strong shadows and angular shadows that she loves.

Amongst her Instagram feed, Streetview Portraits, there are beautifully curated groups of shots such as dust clouds behind the Google car, roadside cacti and cars under dust covers.

Ironically, the interest in her project led to her having an exhibition on Manhattan's Lower East Side which meant her overcoming her worst fear, flying.

Concept and curation by Jacqui Kenny. Imagery @2017 Google