From the bookshelf: Brian Griffin - 'POP' / by Alex Bamford

'POP' charts Brian Griffin's early career shooting album covers, single sleeves and poster and press shots for bands and musicians from the late 70's to the early 90's, which were my formative years both visually and musically. The 160 record covers in the book are a visual chronicle of New Wave, Post-Punk and the New Romantics.

Punctuating the photos and covers is a conversation between Griffin and author Terry Rawlings, with insightful and humorous stories behind the images that help bring them to life.

Working on low budgets in a time before Photoshop his work was highly experimental and show off both his visual and technical creativity. 

I was lucky to work with Brian on a TV commercial in the early 1990's, just after he'd turned his back on photography and moved into film. Although he had success with moving images, the world of photography is much richer with his return.

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