Welsh Rabbit with Egg. / by Alex Bamford


Having seen my Sleepwalking series, where I blur night and day as I follow the moonlit exploits of a pyjama clad figure, Brighton agency Propellernet commissioned me to help add a surreal twist to Hotel Chocolat's Easter egg hunt.

With fixed shoot dates that didn't fall anywhere near my default surreal lighting, the full moon, I had to find a different approach. The timings were also tight - we had to squeeze 6 locations with hundreds of miles of West Country and Welsh lanes between them into 3 days.

After a few days experimenting we decided to shoot an hour before the sun came up and an hour after the sun went down. Add to this Beau Bunny, the suavely dressed rabbit and a 2 metre egg floating on a jet of air (created by Guineapig) and getting a surreal look wasn't a problem.

The shoot was fuelled by adrenalin and quality chocolate and was my first major commission as a commercial photographer. It will be a hard one to beat.