Travels with a Trolley / by Alex Bamford


One of the great bonuses of being my own boss is having the chance to devote time to projects that excite my imagination. Recently I've been collaborating with artist, Louise McCurdy of Dirty Beach, who as a group create contemporary, provocative and witty work that reacts to social and environmental challenges of plastics and throwaway culture.

Louise recently unearthed a rusty shopping trolley buried on a pebble beach near Brighton and we've decided to take it on a shopping trip, full of plastic waste to help highlight that every plastic item any one of us has ever bought, still exists, in one form or another. Plastic lasts forever, and can never be assimilated into the environment without causing irrevocable harmful effects.

For a trolley with no wheels, it has plenty of mileage. I'm looking forward to seeing where it takes us next.