From the bookshelf: Jean Pagliuso - 'Poultry Suite' / by Alex Bamford


For nearly three decades, California photographer Jean Pagliuso has directed her camera at Hollywood film stars and fashion models. But most recently she has been training her lens on a far more personal subject. Inspired by her childhood, where she helped her father breed and show prize bantams, Pagliuso has created 'portraits' of exotic chicken breeds with equally exotic name like Sebrights and Spangled Hamburgs. Shot against a plain background in her New York studio, these formal pictures emphasize the plumage, stance, form, and countenance of each bird. She's gone back to her roots in the printing process too - each photo is shot on film and printed by hand using silver gelatin painted onto Thai Mulberry paper. 

You can see more of the images and order the book here.

All images ©Jean Pagliuso

All images ©Jean Pagliuso