Learning from the old masters. / by Alex Bamford


If you ever want to know how a portrait has been lit, even a 400 year old one, you need to look closely into the eyes. The eye, being an orb, reflects pretty much everything around it especially light sources. Look closely at one of Rembrandt's painting and you'll very likely see the reflection high up of an open window. 

To accompany the launch of the report by Yell.com, 'Future Gazers', I was asked by Brighton agency Propellernet to make some 17th Century portraits of four entrepreneurs who were to be interviewed about their  predictions for their specific industries. 

To recreate the feel of an old master I hoisted a single light up high and positioned the entrepreneurs against a mottled painted backdrop. To complete the look, theatrical costumier Angel's provided authentic period costumes from their vast collection. We added a slight twist by getting each subject to hold a bit of modern technology.

If you need any portraits in the future, or in the past, please get in contact.